E-Rickshaw Batteries

We are a leading E-rickshaw battery manufacturer in India and we offer best quality E-rickshaw batteries that offer reliable performance for your daily journeys.

It won’t be wrong to say that batteries are the lifeline of E-rickshaw since they power them for movement. The E-rickshaw draws power from the batteries and hence a good quality battery essential for them. Our batteries are designed to empower you for long rides, daily trips, frequent stops and pick ups and more. With a great backup and higher mileage, you can drive your vehicle with ease without stopping in between due to battery failure. Coming to the design, our batteries have strong grids so as to carry more amount of pasted materials and deliver high efficiency. With faster recharging, low maintenance and robust design, our batteries keep you ahead on the roads.

Ride with ease and ensure that you complete more trips with our high power delivery. The tough road conditions also don’t affect the performance of our batteries as they are designed to be vibration resistant. As a noted E-rickshaw battery supplier in India, Adwin offers a wide range of long lasting batteries for your vehicles.